April 2010 archive

Welcome the forums!

I have not fully finished setting up the new theme. But it is darn close, and I would like to go ahead and move forward with letting spicyLemons join with the forums. Feel free to join, introduce yourself, or post something. Also let me know if you experience any problems.

There will be more updates to the forums to come. I have some small tweaks left to do with the theme to polish it up. I also plan to make a negative version of the forum theme for those who like to read at night more. But before that comes, I plan to move the additional features of the den on to this server. The next features being the download repository and allowing access to the podcast.


Posted by Administrator on Fri, 9 Apr 2010

Status of the new SpicyLemons

Long story short...things are going, but moving slow. The forums which we will be merging with have moved to the new server, and can be accessed via http://den.spicylemons.com....but I have not setup the links from the homepage to the forums because I am still in the process of converting the art and style to match the new SpicyLemons look. Once the forums are converted over, the hard parts will be over. I still have additional data and services that I need to move off a last server which will eventually be decommissioned. But till then, I need to get past this creativity block and think of a new header image for the forums.

We also had some spam issues...hopefully the captcha will solve these. It's a little different than most in that you solve the math instead of just writing what is in the box. But the only other solution I see is to moderate the comments and not have them posted to the site till after I approve them. Which is less than ideal, so lets try this first...Let me know if you have any thoughts on the matter


Posted by Administrator on Tue, 6 Apr 2010