What is IRC?

IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is a form of instant communication over the Internet. It is mainly designed for group communication, but also allows one-to-one communication. SpicyLemons is one of the many providers of this service. You can connect by using an IRC client such as xChat to connect to our network, or by using our javaIRC client.

What is a channel Operator?

A Channel Operator is a user with privileged access to a specific channel. They have the '@' prefix to their names and normally enforce channel rules. They can kick, ban, mute abusers.

What is an IRC Operator?

IRC Operators are users with privileged access to the entire network. These users are tasked with enforcing the network rules and some help maintain server integrity.

Can I be IRC Operator?


Can I use TOR? What about BNC?

TOR is not permitted. BNC's are allowed, but their IP range will be Z-Lined if they are used to abuse the network. Refer to the terms of use for more information.

I've been banned from the network! Why?

Most network bans are set on users who have broken the  TOU (Terms of Use) and have proven themselves to be a threat or annoyance to the network. You are free to contact us if you wish to discuss your ban, however we are under no obligation to remove any ban. The use of the network is a privilege, not a right.

If you wish to discuss the reasons behind your ban please contact us. Do NOT attempt to evade, doing so will lead to the duration of the ban being increased and/or the ban being made permanent.

Is my IP safe when I connect to SpicyLemons?

Absolutely. You can even request a vHost for additional anonymity. There is a privacy policy in place which prevents staff from sharing your IP unless they believe you are in violation of the Terms of Use. If you believe your IP has been misused, please contact us, as offenses are taken very seriously.

TOU (Terms of Use)

- SpicyLemons does not hold liability of content
- on this network, it is your responsibility
- to ignore any offensive topics, channels, etc.
- What users do in private is no concern of SpicyLemons.
- Warez, spambots, floodbots, trojan bots, etc
- are strictly forbidden on this network.
- Chatrooms affiliated with terrorism, child
- pornography or hate related subjects are
forbidden and will be locked out and the
owners permanently G:lined, Those in question
will have their information recorded for
legal reasons.

Unauthorized web-based clients like cgi:IRC,
which allow abuse will be banned, due to CGI:IRC
using the same IP or hostname as the machine it
runs on for all clients. However, this doesnt
apply to properly set up local cgi:irc clients
(such as those hosted by spicylemons.net and by proper,
those that will show the ip mask of each user.)

Channels that share roms or mp3 files covered under
the RIAA will be shut down at once. As in the 3rd
line of the terms states: what users do in their
own personal messages is of no concern to SpicyLemons,
and are responsible for their own actions. ROMS
are illegal in most cases, unless they're homebrew.

Spamming, harassing, berating others, and joinflooding
channels are against the rules.

We have the right to refuse service to anyone.

IRC opers are authorized to use action against mass spammers/advertisers